Ever Wondered Why Burgers Look Yummier In Ads Than They Do In Real Life?

8:30 pm 18 Aug, 2017


It’s no secret that burgers in ads often barely resemble the ones we find in outlets or delivered to us at our homes. But have you ever wondered how a fast food outlet manages to make them look so much more appetizing in the pictures than they are in real life?

That’s the job of a food stylist, and McDonald’s was one of the first to use their services.

Food stylists have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to make the burgers, or any other food, look so much more delicious.


But how do they make the food looks so much better on TV than in real life?


To make the a burger look more delicious, all of the toppings — pickles, onion slivers, lettuce — are pushed to the front to be more visible. The cheese then is laid on cold, and the corners are melted down with a hot palette knife.

All of this front-heavy topping application makes the burger super lopsided. So food stylists then prop up the back of the bun. Once the burger is assembled with toppings and bun, condiments are squirted into the crannies with a syringe.


Contrary to popular belief, the food in ads isn’t made of inedible materials. Every item that we see in the ad is exactly what is delivered to us in reality. All the main ingredients in the ad are the same ones that we find in the actual product. It is just a bit of make-up in those ads.

You can watch the entire process of making a burger look more delicious for the camera in this video. The video takes a peek behind the scenes at a McDonald’s photo shoot to explain some of the tricks that are used to make you crave for some more.



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