Someone Found The Real Difference Between The Burger Emoji Of Apple & Google. Pichai Comes To Rescue

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5:32 pm 30 Oct, 2017


Illustrious companies like Apple and Google are the masters of innovation and technology. They have changed the way we communicate, interact and socialize. Though we are addicted to their apps, we fail to realize that these tech giants are similar yet different in many ways.


Someone found a startling difference between their burger emoji of Google and Apple, and it will definitely leave you scratching your head.


There is a difference between the placement of CHEESE in their burger emoji. Sounds weird? Well, take a look at this tweet.


Also, we know that Sundar Pichai is one of the coolest CEOs and takes even the minor query seriously. Thus, as soon as he noticed this tweet, he promised to leave all his work aside and he was all set for the discussion.

sundar pichai


Instantly, Twitterati gave him all sorts of advice and they are quite interesting.


A simple answer.


Another mistake found.

Blame it on the vegetarians.

An answer with a right explanation.

Just remove the cheese?

A genius reply.