Bureaucrats May Lose Their Jobs For Staying On Leave For A Long Period

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1:47 pm 4 Nov, 2015


IAS and IPS officers will lose their jobs for overstaying on foreign assignments for more than a month or for being on unauthorised leave without permission, as per the rules formulated by the Centre.

The rules also mention that in case the state fail to act against delinquent officers, the Centre will on its own initiate proceedings of “deemed resignation” against them.

The move comes after it was noticed that some bureaucrats were not reporting back to India after completion of their foreign postings.


The Indian Express reports that 10 IAS officers are currently on unauthorised leave and action is being taken against them.


According to the rules if the official remains absent even after the one-month waiting period, his cadre state will issue a showcause notice, thereby giving him an opportunity to explain his case.

Thereafter, if the officer does not return to duty, the state government concerned shall initiate proceedings of deemed resignation and forward a proposal to the Centre for effecting it within the next two months, it said, adding that the process of deemed resignation should be completed within three months time.

If the state fails to comply with these instructions and adhere to the timeline, the central government will “initiate proceedings of deemed resignation under rule 7(2) of AIS(Leave) Rules 1955 on its own”.


As per the existing rules, an officer is deemed to have resigned if he is absent without authorisation for more than a year after expiry of sanctioned leave, or continues on foreign assignments beyond the period approved by the Centre.