12 Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind When You Bunk Class For The First Time

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10:00 am 2 Mar, 2015

1. Should I, shouldn’t I? So many things to consider!

2. Everybody does it, so why not?! Once-in-a-lifetime to banta hai.

3. I hope I don’t get caught. The consequences can be bad. Very bad.

4. Man this is so much fun! The freedom! The novelty!

5. I hope no one notices I’m missing. What if that kid in class points it out to the teacher?

6. Is that auntie/uncle/neighbor!? Hide me!

7. This isn’t fun! It looks more exciting in soaps and movies. This is kind of boring.

8. I can’t believe I bunked class for this. How long have we been roaming around here?

9. OMG! Today we were going to study *important course material.* damn Damn DAMN!

10. I’d better try and get the best notes. If I could ask x to get notes from y…hmmm.

11. I think I need new friends. Really. We don’t have anything in common.

12. Cut classes again next week?! Okay. I’m an old player now so backing off will be uncool.


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