Twitter Lost It When This Bull Climbed A 60ft Tall Water Tank

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5:16 pm 15 Jul, 2016

Yes, you read right. This is no photoshopped image. A bull climbed a 60ft high water tank in Churu district, Rajasthan. Of course, it was a matter of concern and people took serious interest in the situation and brought the bull back to the ground.



But the picture went viral on the internet and Twitteraties used the picture with all their creative imagination and thoughts. Check out the hilarious compilation of Tweets below.

Neeche kaise utru?


Is it a Cow or a Bull?


LOL Voters


LOL inspired by Nana Patekar.


Suicide attempt?


I don’t trust you!


Bull’s protest against discrimination.


Trying to find free Wi-Fi!


Even he wants to marry Basanti.




How the hell did you get there?


Yeah, okay, I know these were hilarious jokes Twitteraties have made but I am still thinking…



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