20 Things Budding Photographers Will Understand

10:00 am 9 May, 2015

Looking the world through a lens sounds amazing as it is! With improved technology and various options open to all more and more people are taking up photography as their profession. So here’s 20 things budding photographers go through.

1. Everything comes at price!

Since you are just a beginner you haven’t earned so much and the lens and the equipments are too damn expensive!


2. Engineer or Doctor!?

Photography as a career is something not many parents will support or approve of enthusiastically.


3. Can I please skip editing?

Using professional editing softwares are really trick and needs a lot of practice. Initially you might just want to skip editing or just get done with any how!


4. Trust is risky in this case!

People generally don’t trust budding photographers with important events like wedding and events.


5. The wanted photographer friend!

You are expected to click perfect pictures of your friends and it’s completely your fault if they don’t turn out that great. You are that DP generator of your friends!


6. Behind the scenes!

You will have to get used to not seeing yourself on the screen but behind the scenes. You mostly would end up not being on any of the pictures unfortunately.


7. Step 1: creating the page.

Every budding photographer will definitely create his/her page on Facebook which initially will have like may be 50 or 100 or max 200 likes.


8. Step 2: sending requests.

Now that you have a page you just wouldn’t miss a chance to promote it! All the people on your friend list are sure to get multiple like requests!


9. You often wonder how big photographers manage to click pictures and capture moments. You are still struggling with a lot of things.


10. You have wondered how sharp and edgy their pictures are. You often fail to get it in yours.


11. You have a lot of photo story ideas in head and always keep on thinking about it.


12. For you photography is an escape from this world. Your eye is your camera.


13. You love your camera. And literally take it and sleep beside it.


14. Your camera is your life. If something happens to you it’s okay. But Nothing should happen to the camera.


15. 5D Mark 3 with 70-200mm, 2.8 is your dream. You get high on lenses.


16. Everything is a learning experience.

Since you are new to the industry you gradually understand the dynamics of the use of lights, angles, editing etc.


17. It is difficult for you to explain people your passion about photography. There are so many areas you want to cover and so many things you want to capture.


18. Creative photography fascinates you too much. For you, motion blur and long exposure is something which you always look doing in an innovative way.


19. Travels= More photography expeditions.


20. You are constantly learning after seeing different works from various artists, participating in photography contests and visiting workshops as well as photo exhibitions.




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