Minor Deaf-Mute Girl Enters India, Returned To Pakistan Within Hours

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5:45 pm 6 Mar, 2016


After Pakistan’s Geeta, India’s Border Security Force (BSF) recently now found yet another ‘Munni’ at the Indo-Pakistan border in Punjab.

BSF recently found a 5-year-old deaf and mute Pakistani girl, who had inadvertently crossed into the India’s Abohar area.


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As soon as the identity of the girl was determined, she was handed over to Pakistan Rangers.




The BSF jawans found her roaming near the Natha Singh Wala Border Outpost and apprehended her as she reached the security fence.



On investigation and questioning it was found that the girl was deaf and dumb and thus could not reveal her name.


It was also found that she inadvertently came inside the Indian territory and thus the BSF troopers quickly handed her over to the Pakistan Rangers on humanitarian grounds.

It was later found that the girl’s name is Liva Bibi, who is daughter of a farmer in Sadiq village in Kasur.

She had accompanied her father to his farms that morning and from there strayed into the Indian territory.