BSF Jawans To Soon Get Cooling Jackets To Help Them Bear The Heat Of Thar Desert

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5:54 pm 14 Jun, 2016


To help out the jawans posted at the Indo-Pak border of Jaisalmer, the government will soon provide PCM (Phase Change Materials) cooling jackets which will help them stay cool during the scorching summer heat.

The PCM cooling jackets have been built with help of DRDO and has already undergone a trial test in the past. Unfortunately it did not prove successful at that time.


Having worked on their previous defects, DRDO is now conducting second trial of the jackets.

Temperature at Indo-Pak border in Jaisalmer is known to touch 5o degree Celsius every year, making it extremely tough for BSF jawans guarding the border to bear the conditions.



In the past few weeks BSF jawans have had to endure operational duty temperatures that ranged from 53-54 degree Celsius, besides facing other tough conditions that they usually do.

Prolonged exposure to scorching heat not only affects their performance adversely but also affects their health drastically.


Looking at this, DRDO scientists, along with a private company, conducted various tests and came up with a cool vest, which they claim will keep the jawans cool up to four hours a day.

The trial of these cooling jackets is currently going on at Shahgarh Bulge desert area in Jaisalmer and is expected to finish in next couple of days.


PCM is said to be a thermal reservoir of ‘cool calories’ which help neutralize the excess gain of heat and maintain the required body temperature.



These devices are so small that they can also be worn over or under normal BSF uniform and can be thermally recharged many times for many years.

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