BSF Has Come Up With This Plan To Remove The Loneliness Of Newlywed Soldiers

4:56 pm 9 Apr, 2018


In general, the BSF Jawans spend only about five years with their family out of 30 years of service. Without any doubt the number sounds depressing, and the pain of separation from family must be excruciating especially for the newly weds.


To work out this problem, the BSF has taken the decision of constructing over 190 guest houses for the jawans. They will be built across the country for the newly married couples. Under this project, more than 2,800 rooms will be built or adjusted out of the existing infrastructure.



This project was recently sanctioned by union home ministry, said BSF Director General K K Sharma. He added:

“The duties in the force are tough and hard and jawans have to remain alone for the maximum part of their service. An average jawan gets to spend only about 2.5 months in a year with his family and if one has a service of about 30 years, then this figure comes to about five years in the entire job period.

“To ensure that the jawans get more time with their families, we are creating such facilities at 192 locations all across the country.”

The effect of separation is more evident in those jawans who are newlyweds. Hence, priority will be given to them during allotment. Furthermore, he added this facility is for the officers and sub-officers. It’s not extended to constable and head constable ranks. In this own words:

“So, we have decided, to create a guest house of 15 studio apartment-like configuration in each battalion which will have an independent bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and television facility and newlywed personnel in the jawan ranks will be allowed to stay with their spouse for a stipulated period.”

Furthermore, the BSF has also proposed for granting permission to the troops for residing out of the barracks. They can stay in rented public accommodation at locations along the Bangladesh and Pakistan frontiers. However, it will be allowed only in those areas where there are no immediate security threats.


The BSF is responsible for guarding the borders India shares with Pakistan and Bangladesh. Within its ranks, it has about 2.5 lakh personnel.


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