These Highschool Sweethearts Left Their Job To Travel And Blog A New Beautiful Place Everyday- 70 Countries So Far

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6:01 pm 23 Oct, 2016

What’s your dream life?

”Quit this f*cking job and go off to travel with the love of my life. ”

Well, guess what? Savi and Vid are living your dream life!


In 2008, Vid quit his job and joined Savi doing her PhD in UK. This was the time when they started exploring new places and soon in the following year got married. Their passion for traveling made them fix one trip every month. However, very soon it turned into 12 months and now 365 days a year.


So far they’ve covered 70 countries – seven seas and cruises, icebergs and igloos, islands and woodlands, valleys and springs – the two of them have nestled every nook and cranny of these places.

A magical sunset in the midst of Carribean sea? This cruise looks like the bridge between reality and imagination!

While you struggle to grab a coffee from an exhausting 45-second walk from bed to kitchen still half asleep and dreading about work , Savi and Vid get to spend their lazy mornings with scrumptious breakfast; everyday.


And how awesome is it to have a photographer as your husband?

Savi writes as a freelancer and Vid works as a professional photographer. Fashion writing and photography were their passion and productively they’ve trans-phased it into a profession which fuels their passion for travel and wanderlust.


And then, even if you have the blood of a traveler, you want some time to soak in the nothingness of a cozy pool.

#Lazydays goals.


Exploring and diving into the adventure and romance of digging out a virgin island is indeed a dream for all of us. Not for Savi Vid though, who really didn’t mind muddying that bright yellow dress for this perfect shot.

Travel and Instagram must be going long back together!


I mean if this is what marriage looks like, I am all for it!!

The madness,


The romance


And that magic


Savi Vid has it all in their picture perfect storybook.



‘Bruised Passports’ has become my new inspiration. If you too lust for travel and dream places, their Instagram is your perfect vision board.

Because Norway and igloos weren’t even there in my bucket list – until now.


Follow them on their Instagram and read their blog ”Bruised Passports” for more travel stories.

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