15 Reasons Why Brothers Are A Blessing For Sisters

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12:00 pm 29 Jan, 2016

A brother sister bond is so strong that no matter what the circumstance, there is nothing that can break that. As much a sister loves her brother, a brother’s unconditional love is unfathomable. The affection doesn’t come in words but with actions that speak louder. Here are some of the reasons (out of many) that show that brothers are a sister’s best fun friend and a blessing to sum it up.


1. He has been your protector ever since you can remember.


2. You can make him do all that you want by just giving him a hint.


3. He sure has a lot of handsome friends.


4. You are spared from sharing your toys with him as he is busier with his PS3.


5. You know you are dating the right guy, if your brother approves of him.


6. When you want any advice, he gives a pretty genuine one.


 7. He gives you the male perspective of a situation.


8. His fights with you are cuter and mostly on the fun side.


9. He supports you even when you don’t expect him to.


10. He is the reason for you being allowed to late night parties.


11. He may get critical if your dress is too short, but is the last person to stop you from doing what you wish.


12. He doesn’t leave you sulking for long and pampers you like crazy.


13. He shares all the gossip with you.


14. He is a fun companion with whom you can go on drives, parties and hang out anytime.


15. No one can dare trouble you or else.

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