11 Thoughts That Girls With No Brothers Have On Rakshabandhan

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10:00 am 26 Aug, 2015

Rakshabandhan is a festival to express gratitude to your brothers for being there always and “protecting” you. No offence to that, but it often makes us sisters with no brothers, left out. We understand the love for your brother but your enthusiasm leaves us drab. Why is our culture so biased? Why can’t we simply celebrate a Sibling Day?

Oh, you want to know why am I coming up with such absurd ideas? Read on my friend to know about the struggles we go through on Rakhsabandhan. Yes, it’s a STRUGGLE to go through the day.. unless your brother is ready to get a rakhi tied from us? *wink*

1. Logging on to Facebook only to be bombarded with Rakshabandhan quotes and gift ideas!

I don’t care okay?

2. When your friends discuss ‘what to wear’ on Rakhi.

Well, I’ll be in my PJ’s!


3. Wherever you go, it follows.

Shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants. Arrgh!


4. All your friends are super-busy!

It’s a Saturday but who is even thinking to hangout?


5. When Instagram is flooded with sisters and brothers posting cool pictures in blingy suits.

Kudos to that! Where is this love the other 364 days ?

6. When your friends discuss “gifts”.

Nice. I didn’t get any.


7. When you think, “Shall I tie a rakhi to my best friend?”

And he runs away…

8. When you want to shout to the world how equally grateful you are.. for your SISTER!

Yes, I have a better sister than a brother I could ever ask for!

9. When you wonder why festivals in India are so gender biased?

Karva Chauth or Rakshabandhan. Gender equality please?


10. When you have grown up tying rakhi to your neighbors’ kids because, well, your parents felt sad for you not having a brother.

What if one of them was cute and I wanted to marry him?


11. When for just one day, just once, we ask God, “Why no brother?”

Yes, it’s this bad.

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