11 Nostalgic Moments That Every Brother Shares With His Sister

11:00 am 23 Aug, 2018


Recall that moment when your mother said “We have a new member in our family”, that beautiful moment marked the beginning of the brother-sister bond. You gently held her in your hands, looking into her small and innocent eyes and dropped a tear. Since that day, the bond passed every test of time and stood intact. Very few are lucky to cherish this inseparable bond, and here are a few memorable incidents that will take you back in time, and remind you of those brother-sister nostalgic moments:


1. When you guys went together to school for the first time

Your lonely walk to the bus station was filled with joy when your sister accompanied you. Those 10 minutes of walk-and-talk time were the best time for school gossip and morning lessons.



2. When you helped your sister complete her homework

The sister always kept an eye on you and also had her secret detectives investigating your personal life, which probably helped her to blackmail you in case you refused to do her Maths homework.



3. Sharing those memorable whisper-moments at dinner time

You guys always sat next to each other, with the intention of helping to skip a scolding if one of you didn’t manage to finish the food.




4. Watching  Cartoon Network together

The Cartoon Network era was undoubtedly the most silent-yet-adorable time you shared together. You would sit together to watch Flintsones, Johnny Bravo and Popeye. Remember that 3 PM – 5 PM cartoon mania?



5. Taking each other’s side every time

Though you always knew what crazy things you both were up to, but you never let each other’s mad plans reach your parents’ ears.





6. Lying in case your sister got caught

Then you took your sister’s side and blamed some random children of the neighborhood for the mischief.



7. The brother actually becomes the protector

When he protects you from the luchas disrespecting you, he becomes the solution to your every trouble.



8.  Relationship advisors forever

Who was sitting next to you in the school canteen?



9. Ushering you into the adult world

Being a spy sister since birth, you secretly opened your brother’s laptop – that was your first and direct formal interaction with nude photos and other sh*t.



10. He stood by you in times of depression and sorrow.

Just when you failed in your class test and your parents were bombarding you with infinite questions, he was motivating you to take things lightly in life.



11. The first Rakshabandhan

You might not know what actually happened for the first time, but that’s the magic of that moment, there were no gifts exchanged or anything, just a rakhi in your hand.

You wondered for days, why am I wearing this thread?