This Brothel Provides Free Sex To Its Customers, But Only On This Condition

5:47 pm 25 Apr, 2018


There are many brothels in the world, and they all provide various kinds of unique services. While some of these are very expensive and exclusive, there are many others where you can get sexual favours without spending a hefty amount.

But have you ever heard about a brothel providing free sex? Yes, you heard it right!



This brothel is located in Prague, Czech Republic. People from all over the world visit this brothel, and they can often be seen in a large queue outside its premises. They all come here to get free sex, and the Brothel surely provides them with what they are looking for, but only if they fulfil their one condition.

Yes, there is a catch!




All customers who visit the brothel looking for free sex have to agree to this mandatory condition – they must allow the brothel to film them while having sex! The brothel makes sex tapes of all of its customers. Furthermore, the customers must also allow the brothel to broadcast their ‘pleasure moments’ live on the internet.



Needless to say, this brothel is very popular in the Czech Republic.