12 Signs That You’re The Sort Of Guy Who Will Get His Heart Broken Repeatedly

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10:00 am 12 Apr, 2016


Most people seem to be looking for love but they don’t really know what exactly they’re looking for. There’s a chance that even if you find love, you might just lose it or not even recognize it in the first place. Here are some things that guys do that will surely land them holding their broken hearts.


1. You believe in old-school romanticism where a guy does things and a girl sits around admiring him.

You’ll either end up with a lazy-ass girl who won’t ever lift a finger to help you or you’ll keep getting dumped by girls with dreams and ambitions.


2. You get crushes on girls without trying to get to know them.

It’s easy to fall for a face or figure, but if you aren’t careful about whom you’re handing your heart to, then don’t be surprised when it’s broken.


3. You build up dreams in your head about your crush.

If before you’ve so much as said, “Hi” to her, you’ve already picked out your children’s names, you will be stuck in dreamland forever…while someone else nabs her.


4. You think persistence is the key to landing a girl.

Most girls know what they want and what they don’t want. If she has said, “No” to you, you should take that seriously and move the hell on.


5. You express your feelings by spending money.

Everybody likes being pampered, but if you stand around like an ever-spending ATM machine, then you might end up getting totally used.


6. You lie to your friends about your relationship.

Guys do this and girls don’t like it. Don’t discuss your sex life with your friends and never exaggerate it. She’ll learn about your lies and dump you ASAP.



7. You’re hoping to find someone just like mom.

Girls get that moms are important but if you’re constantly comparing her to your mom, then it can get really creepy really fast. Your girlfriend doesn’t want to be your mother.


8. You’ve learned all your moves from porn.

Sorry to break it to you honey but most porn is aimed towards guys, so it doesn’t really teach you about how to please a girl. Only paid actresses pretend to enjoy that shit.


9. You can’t decide what kind of girl you want.

Yes, an old-fashioned girl is a safe bet and yes, a more modern girl might be more fun, but it’s time you made up your mind. If you pick the wrong one, you’re screwed.


10. You don’t make any effort once you’re in a relationship.

If you think the hard part is getting a girl, then you’re wrong; the hard part is to keep a relationship going. If you won’t try to make it work, then it will not work.


11. You like girls who play hard to get.

People who play hard to get are usually disappointing; they build up such expectations in the other’s head and then end up being just like everyone else. Don’t waste your time.


12. You think pretending to be someone you’re not is a good tactic.

If you act all tough or sweet or put up a ‘bad boy’ image to impress girls, once they get to know the real you, they will feel cheated and dump you double quick.