Brinda Karat Says Modi’s Emotional Speech Is Drama. Do You Agree?

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 7:35 pm

After the sudden currency ban by PM Modi, opposition parties tried their best to provoke the public against him. Many even started cursing the PM’s decision. But while giving a speech in Goa, Modi asked for 50 days time from  the citizens of India. He even got a bit emotional saying that he has left his family, his life and everything for the nation.



At the function, the PM also said that after taking this decision his life is also in danger,

I know the forces up against me, they may not let me live… they may ruin me because their loot of 70 years is in trouble, but am prepared.

People could see tears in his eyes, but CPI member, Brinda Karat thinks that it was all drama to gather sympathy. She said that daily wage earners and the lower sections of the society are facing a lot of trouble after currency demonetization.



Brinda Karat recently gave a statement calling PM Modi’s speech “natakbaazi”. Take a look at this tweet…


People still supported the PM and slammed Brinda Karat for such an insensitive statement…







So, whose side are you on? Do you agree with Brinda Karat’s statement? Do you think whatever PM Modi said during his speech was just drama? Do share your views in the comments section below!