After The Pheras, A Bride Travels 400 Kms For An Exam And Returns To The Wedding On A Helicopter

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12:36 pm 20 Apr, 2017

A newly wed couple from Dehradun has set a new example. Manish Upadhyay and Aarti Singh got married this Sunday in a manner that is exemplary and inspirational for the society.

The two took the pheras and straightaway headed to Nainital, leaving the remaining rites to be completed later.

It wasn’t for a holiday of course! But to fulfill the seven vows of marriage the two had taken.


The bride had to take a competitive examination and her groom crossed all the hurdles to make sure she didthat.

Right after their pheras, the couple reached Nainital by a taxi. Aarti attended her final examination at the Bhartiya Shaheed Sainik School for the post of stenographer grade I in the Nainital High Court. Immediately after, the newly weds boarded a helicopter from the nearby helipad at Birla School to return to their wedding venue in Dehradun. Upon reaching the venue, the couple performed the remaining nuptial rites.

The cost of hiring the helicopter was around Rs.2.25 lakh. All the travel arrangements were made with the joint efforts of both families. Both families hail from Dehradun. The bride’s father runs a small shop to earn his living while the groom’s father is a farmer.

Manish Upadhyay said that he was in a tight corner when the date of the exam and wedding coincided. But he kept calm and together they accomplished both with the help and support of their near and dear ones. Aarti said that she was delighted to be able to take the exam with her marriage and these were the most memorable moments of her life!



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