Reel Becomes Real: Three Days After Marriage, This ‘Looteri Dulhan’ Elopes With Rs 3 Lakh

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8:27 pm 27 Jul, 2016

We really don’t know if it’s the real characters taking inspiration from reel ones or vice versa.

After inspiring a TV serial ”Looteri Dulhan”, it looks like Sonam Kapoor’s 2015 release ‘Dolly Ki Doli’ has inspired a con bride and her family.

The alleged family is said to be running a fake marriage bureau in different areas of Jaipur like Pratapgarh, Adarsh Nagar and Manik Chowk.

They would get a groom and his family involved and then get him married to their own gang-member.


A resident of Adarsh Nagar, Arpit, who has a filed a case against the gang, revealed how he was conned by the marriage bureau consultant Sunita Goyal and Gauri Goyal. The trader extracted Rs 340,000 from Arpit and got him married to Ritu or Rita, whatsoever she called herself.


Three days later, the bride eloped a.k.a Dolly style!


When the family filed a complaint and tried to get through the marriage bureau, all they could find was a locked door. The trio had also eloped along with the bride.

However, Ritu a.k.a Rita and her gang will no more be conning grooms in the city as they’ve been arrested.

Guess, That’s all the game was!


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