Brexit Voting Again? More Than Three Million Sign Petition For Second Referendum

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4:56 pm 26 Jun, 2016

Just days after nearly 52% per cent Britons voted in favour of Britain’s Exit (Brexit) from the European Union, more than two million took to social platform to plead for a second referendum.


On June 23, millions of residents in Britain had voted to abandon the EU and the decision split the nation due to it being a close contest.


Representational Image Catholic Herald

Representational Image Catholic Herald

The move gave world markets a heavy pounding and even toppled UK Prime Minister David Cameron who soon resigned after the vote results were declared.

Now, many across Great Britain are signing a petition on the official UK government website calling for a repeat vote.


At the time of writing this article, the petition had gathered over 3 million signatures.

The figure is 30 times more than the 1,00,000 signatures required for a proposal to be discussed in the lower house of the British Parliament.

Further, an unprecedented traffic on the site forced it to be taken off at one point, according to a parliamentary spokesperson.


A very high number of petitioners are from in and around London.

According to rules parliamentary committee can put forward the petitions for debate by lawmakers, according to media reports, they will consider the proposal on June 28.


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