12 Things That Happen To You After Breaking Up With Your Best Friend

4:00 pm 29 Jun, 2015

Breaking up with your best friend is a terribly heart-breaking experience. No matter how far you are from each other, you can never forget your best friend even if you try to as you would have spent the most precious and memorable moments of your life with them. So here are 12 things that happen to you after breaking up with your best friend.

1. Sadness is sure to leak from your face no matter how hard you try to suppress it.


2. Everybody eventually comes to know that you guys have broken up.


3. Even though you are not with each other anymore, you probably won’t disclose any secrets for old time’s sake.


4. There will be a rebound bestie – probably the one he/she hates just to make your ex-bestie feel jealous.


5. You just can’t stop talking about the fights you had that led to your break up.


6. Your break might adversely affect your group too.


7. You can’t be best friends again with the person you once loved.


8. You miss eating street food together with your once soulmate.


9. You terribly miss those precious moments you had with your lover bestie.


10. Any sad or romantic song is enough to put you into a depressed mood.


11. Being in pyjamas with that person wouldn’t be the same with anyone else.


12. The only thing you wish for is a patch up but your ego comes in the middle.




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