11 Illustrations Asking You To Break Free Of Stereotypes And Be You

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12:00 pm 15 Sep, 2015

Shaved legs, white skin, long hair, slim body, melodious voice and many more others are the points under the criteria of being a perfect woman. Society follows such rules to raise their daughters, they want them to be perfect else they won’t get married. Girls are told the ways to live their lives since childhood. Basically there is no criteria or category of being a perfect woman. Hence, France artist Cécile Dormeau has broken all the norms of being a perfect woman, her GIFs and images nail being a woman in 2015.

1. A term like ‘bikini figure’ does not exist!

Whether you are skinny or bloated it is totally your choice to wear a bikini or not. No matter how many bulges your stomach has, just feel free to flaunt them this summer.




2. Stay panda, because it’s totally your choice.

We all know how much waxing hurts. Stay cool with your hairy legs. why should boys have all the fun?


3. Girl, just exhale!

You don’t have to breathe in and take that bulge inside. Just release your breath and flaunt you chubby side to the world.



4.  Healthy, skinny or hairy – ever thing is a new sexy!

No matter what body type you have. Feel beautiful the way you are.


1,2,3!🌺💪#illustration #drawing #digitalart #girls #tattoo

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5. Let the world set its norms.

Rules are meant to be broken. Break free of these stereotypes.

COUCOU #illustration #drawing #digitalart #girl #fuckyou #dontbreakmyballs 💕✨

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6. Oh yeah, your hips don’t lie.

Yes, they are absolutely stunning.  Babe it’s your booty, you should be worried about it not the world.


#illustration #drawing #art #girl #summer #legging #transparent 🐒

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7. Your fat, your tension.

Be the way you are. Society is no one to pass remarks.


#lesconsjemasseoisdessus #illustration #drawing #art #woman #sit #nailpolish #summer 💅🏻😈

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8. Dieting? What’s that?

Feel free to eat your favorite cuisine. People will love you for the person you are not the body you have.


#illustration #drawing #art #woman #espresso #terrasse #summer #pépouze ☕️

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9. I can be your hero baby?

NO boy, you don’t have to be. It’s 2015 and you are an independent woman. You just don’t need a guy to save you. Be your hero. Well you can be your man’s heroine as well! Ha ha.


#illustration #superwoman #drawing #savetheguy #stockings #wink

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10. Your cleavage has no business with the society.

Your body is your own property. Nobody has this right to tell you in what way you should keep your body. Be the way you are comfortable.



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11. Smell like roses or algae. How does this matter?

‘Girls should stay nicely dressed and smell like roses all the time,’ dude really? We are humans, sometimes we too feel filthy and sweaty. Be in your pajamas or whatever, just stay happy!


#illustration #drawing #bath #fish #seaweed #alga ✨🐠🐟✨

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Credit: Cécile Dormeau

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