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12:34 pm 16 Oct, 2016

Breaking Bad started as a strange little show that no one was talking about, but got great adulation and critical acclaim as it moved forward. It introduced some great characters that were never seen on TV.


Say My Name

It’s time you show the world who’s really the boss. It’s time you ask all the Narcos fans to take the goddamn highway from here.

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Yeah Science

The favorite anti-hero, Jesse Pinkman, who came a long way from dropping out of school to becoming the only person whose cook came close to that of the great Heisenberg.

He might have screwed some things up, but it’s not possible that we do not root for Jesse! Walter White and Jesse had near father- son relationship. It was Jesse who followed White’s footsteps (not Walter Jr.) and had accepted him as a father figure. Jesse never really had a real relationship with anyone (not even with his parents.) Jesse believed in Walter White and through him in Science.

“So you do have a plan? Yeah, Mr White! Yeah, science!”- Jesse Pinkman


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I am the one who knocks

Walter White might have come too far being Heisenberg, but we remember Skyler’s face of horror when she got to know about White being a cook of blue meth. What followed was the punchline which remained to be one of the most memorable line in the history of television – ”I am the one who knocks”.

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Better call Saul

Saul Goodman has NEVER failed in what he has been paid to do. This is why Heisenberg threatens him to never quit on him. If you have Saul Goodman on your side, you know he will get things done!


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‘Because you know something, dear fans? It’s time to stand up and let them know, some things never end.



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