WTF? This Town In Brazil Gives Away Virgin Girls As Prize For Lottery

4:53 pm 2 Nov, 2018


In this world which is presently batting for woman empowerment and liberation, it is disheartening to see that something like this could also exist. There is a town in Brazil which reportedly gives away virgin girls as a prize, if someone wins a game of Bingo or lottery. It happens in Brazil’s Encruzilhada. Can you even believe it? I mean to think that people can be this sick just to satisfy their selfish desires, it really makes us question humanity.

And this is not all, as per a leading media portal, the men in Encruzilhada are engaged in buying lottery tickets in the hope that they will get to have sex with a young girl if they win the prize.




Reportedly, the tickets are sold at a price of Rs. 500. Allegedly, there have been a number of lotteries in which virgin girls have been offered as prize, and the tickets of the same have been sold at a considerably higher rates. It was also mentioned in the report that at a particular place in town weekly bingo nights are organised where men play the game to exploit young girls.



It is really hard to digest that there are people who are engaged in such wicked activities.




Seriously, what is the fault of those girls? It could really make anyone wonder, where is humanity headed?! Don’t you agree with us? Let us know in the comments!