After Fine, Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard Explain Their Moment Of Aggression

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5:05 pm 23 May, 2016


On May 21st, 2016, when Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Lions were playing against each other, there came a moment of intrigue in the IPL 9. The aggressive bowling of Dwayne Bravo was followed by Pollard raising his bat in a threatening gesture. People were shocked and Bravo was fined 50% of his match fees for breaching the IPL code of conduct. Both teams Twitter handles tweeted about the situation.


First, Mumbai Indians…



And then, Gujarat Lions within a minute.


There is nothing new about it. This is the second time Bravo has been fined in IPL 9 and we have seen Pollard in more aggressive states in the past.



The tiff was so intense that nobody took it in a good humour. Audience never thought that Pollard and Bravo did it to give the crowd something to cheer about.

When the fine was imposed on him, Bravo cleared the matter saying through a tweet that they are good friends


And Pollard, who just escaped the fine, expressed his views about how the game is changing and becoming mechanical, ignoring all the emotions.

So, now their fans know that there is nothing wrong going between the two friends. They both are at peace and others should understand this as well. We hope the fine is taken off the table, as well.

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