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21 Different Branches Of Indian Army That Make It Such An Efficient Defence Force

Updated on 10 September, 2019 at 6:14 pm By

Indian army has 1.2 million soldiers, making it the second largest army in the world. They have proved their spirit in every critical or non-critical scenario. Indian armed forces have been deployed in the most inhospitable locations in the world, yet never buckled under pressure. But it is not the armed soldiers alone who do everything; there is a entire network of auxiliary divisions that help our brave.


The Indian Army can be divided in the following branches:

Non-technical branches

1. Indian Army Armoured Corps.

It is one of the combat arms of the Indian army. They not only fight the enemies with tanks but are also used for reconnaissance missions. It contains 63 regiments including the President’s bodyguards. It is one of the most prestigious arms of the India Army and has a “Colonel of the Regiment”, an honorary post for a senior officer who oversees the regimental issues concerning the unit. 17 Horse (The Poona Horse) is the most decorated regiment of the Armoured Corps having won two Param Vir Chakras.


2. Artillery.

It account for one-sixth of the total strength of the Indian army. The Artillery is further sub-divided into:

Field Artillery

It contains 190 regiments and with its guns, mortars and rocket launchers constitutes the largest branch of the artillery.



Corps of Army Air Defence

They are responsible for air defence under 5000 feet. They have proved their worth in operation in Operation Meghdoot, Operation Trident & Falcon, and Operation Pawan and in ‘No War No Peace’ tasks.


3. Army Aviation Corps.

Formed in November 1986, the Army Aviation Corps is used for attacks and providing logistical support. They are used for medical evacuations and CSAR.


4. Infantry.

“The least spectacular of all arms, but without which you can do nothing, nothing at all”, said the legendary Field Marshal Montgomery. Infantry fights on foot and is one of the most important parts of the army. Victory is established only when the Infantryman stamps his boot on the ground and raises the national flag on captured territory.


Technical Branches

1. Corps of Engineers.

It is one of the oldest branches of the Indian army. It is further sub-divided into:

Combat Engineers

They main function of the corps is to provide mobility to the troops by constructing bridges and tracks and to deny the enemy of the same by laying mine fields and demolishing bridges. It consists of the Madras Sappers, the Bengal Sappers and the Bombay Sappers.


Indian army branch


Military Engineering Services

They are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of all works, buildings, airfields, dock installations and also with accessory services for the Army.


Border Roads Organisation

Their main purpose is to create national highways, airfields, buildings and bridges.


2. Corps of Signals.

Their main job is to handle the military communications of the Army.  It works close to the DRDO to develop various soft wares and systems for the Indian Army. The training institute of the Corps of Signals is situated at Mhow and is known as the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE).


Indian army branch



1. Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

Their function is to maintain the working ability of electrical and mechanical equipment used by the Indian Army. Repairing armoured vehicles to electronics, they provide engineering support to the Indian Army.


2. Army Service Corps.

They are mainly responsible for the provisioning, procurement and distribution of supplies, FOL, fuels, hygiene chemicals and items of hospital comforts to the Indian Army. They also handle postal service in certain areas. They have proved their worth by providing timely logistical support in very difficult situations.


3. Army Medical Corps.

They provide medical support to all the army personnel.  They also provide medical aid in times of calamities both at national and international levels.


4. Army Dental Corps.

This corps ensures dental hygiene among the soldiers.


5. Military Nursing Service.

They provide nursing and care to the sick and wounded army personnel.


6. Army Ordinance Corps.

Their function is to provide all kinds of stores including uniform, Clothing, arms and ammunition to all the units of the army in order to maintain an efficient and effective fighting army.


7. Remount and Veterinary Corps.

They provide treatment and care to the sick and wounded army animals.


8. Military Farms.

They provide the Indian Army with dairy products and fodder for the animals maintained by the Army.


9. Army Education Corps.

Their prime duty is to educate the Army soldiers.


10. Intelligence Corps.

Their main purpose is to gather and scrutinize important information which deals with the security of the nation.


11. Corps of Military Police.

They are the police of Indian army and their functions include controlling stragglers, deserters, refugees and POW, and also Policing the Cantonments and Army Establishments.


12. Judge Advocate General Branch.

They deal with the legal affairs of the Indian Army.


13. Army Pioneer Corps.

They provide disciplined and well trained manpower where civilian labour is either not available or its employment is not desirable for reasons of security.


14. Army Canteen Stores Departments.

The canteen deals with the provision and supply of basic requisites required by the troops for personal use.


Indian army branch


15. Defence Security Corps.

They ensure the protection and security of designated Defence Installations against sabotage and pilferage.





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