5 Convincing Reasons Why Brandon Stark Could Actually Be The Night King

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12:11 pm 8 Apr, 2018


Brandon Stark, despite his incredible powers to travel back in time, inhabit bodies of men and animals and have impacts on others that existed in the past has been till now a largely marginalized character in Game of Thrones and even the character of Arya Stark appears like a more influential figure throughout the series. So the question arises why he has so much ‘gifts’ if he is meant to remain a sort of a minor character? The answer to this could just blow your mind and turn your world upside down.

According to a fan theory, his character has been intentionally marginalized because the series is closing to a giant twist that would eventually reveal that Bran himself is the Night King. Besides the striking resemblance of the facial features and way of dressing of both of the characters, here are 5 more convincing reasons that prove Bran can actually be the Night King:


1. The Children of the Forest creating the first White Walker.



In the series, the Three-Eyed Raven and Jojen had mentioned to Bran several times that he shouldn’t stay in the past for long because if he does, he would get trapped in the past. So it is possible that at some point, to stop the Children of Forest from creating the White Walkers, Bran had travelled back in time and inhabited the body of a first man. But before he could warn them, he was captured, his mouth was shut and the dragon glass was put into his heart, capturing Bran into the body of the first man who would eventually become the Night King. What further cements the claim is that in the episode 5 of season 6 when Bran was witnessing the creation of the first White Walker, he showed signs of genuine pain himself.


2. There could be more than one Bran present at a single point of time.

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There could be more than one Brandon Stark existing in the present timeline of Game of Thrones and there could be many in the past. According to a popular fan theory, Bran would be trying to change the past so as to avoid all the mess in the present time by going into past and staying there too long, trapping himself again and again inside different bodies. This leads to the possibility that the legendary Bran the Builder who built the wall was actually Bran trapped in past. The Three-Eyed Raven was Bran himself and a statement from Jojen in season 3, where he told Bran that he cannot kill the raven, because he himself is the raven. It makes much sense if taken literally. There was a Bran in every generation of the Starks and the Night King can very well be one of the many Brans existing.


3. The Night King is personally interested in Bran.

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There might be a reason why the Night King could see and touch Bran even when he wasn’t physically present and had come himself to kill him in the cave. The reason for the Night King’s such interest in Bran is because he knows that Bran would eventually go into the past to become the Night King himself and he wants to stop Bran from becoming the Night King in the first place by killing him before he could do anything like that. Also, it is also quite a strange coincidence that the white walkers were sleeping for 8,000 years and only got active around the time of Bran’s birth and the purpose of the big army of the Night King could only be to eliminate anyone between the Night King and Bran.


4. The Night King let Jon Snow go twice when he could have killed him.


Night King had clear shots two times, first when he was trying to bring the Free Folks to the other side of the wall in episode 8 of season 5 and then again in season 7, but during both times, he displayed lazy confidence and let Jon Snow flee. One of the reasons why he let Jon go in season 5 could be that he wanted a dragon and knew he could get that through Jon. However, there could be a greater reason why the Night King didn’t kill him, specifically in season 7 when he already had the dragon. Some speculate that he didn’t kill Jon because he was seeing his brother after thousands of years after getting trapped in the body of the Night King and he was emotionally attached to him.


5. The catspaw assassin tried to kill Bran with nothing less than Valyrian steel.



One of the oldest ongoing mysteries in the show is who sent the assassin to kill Bran after his fall from the tower. Though in the books it is quite clear that it was Joffrey who had sent the assassin to kill Bran in order to impress his father Robert Baratheon, who was telling drunkenly to Cersei that Bran would be better dead than living as a cripple and he happened to overhear that. But in the show, it is still a mystery and the plot of the show is not same as books and can go very much away from the plot of the books. So, if the plot of the books is kept aside for a while, what makes the whole assassin episode interesting is that the dagger with which he was attacked was made of Valyrian steel with dragon bone hilt. Valyrian steel is one of the few things with which white walkers could be killed. So, it could be symbolism of Bran’s future or someone knew exactly what Bran would eventually become.

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