The Brahmins Of Binta Valley Left Their Traditional Occupation, Adopted Farming And Transformed The Valley

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11:00 am 27 Aug, 2017


A few years ago, the Binta valley that lies under the Chitrakoot waterfall was a place that wasn’t easy to reach. The locals of that place regarded their lives as hellish. But according to Nai Duniya, ever since Aranyak brahmins have settled here, they have transformed the face of the valley.

Enveloped by high mountains from all the four sides, one needs to traverse around 10 km long unpaved road from Mardoom-Baarsoor road in order to reach Binta. The entire valley comes under the submerged area of the pending Bodhaghat hydro power project. There are about 16 settlements under Karkot, Binta, and Satspur Panchayat. Close to 10 thousand people dwell in this valley with farming being the primary occupation of the locals here.

Chitrakoot falls, under which the valley of Binta lies Stylesatlife


The Aranyak brahmins quit their traditional livelihood and joined the farmers of the area. And this is how they were able to revamp the Binta valley completely. Now, in the 3,229 hectare land of this valley, there is an abundance of paddy crop. In the recent past, the farmers of this place kept only as much grain as would be sufficient for their personal use and sold the remaining 14,200 quintals of paddy in the Paddy Purchase Center, Binta.

According to the report, a local of Binta who is a teacher by profession revealed that approximately 600 years ago, the then-king Bastar had given shelter to 360 Aranyak brahmins who had been abducted by a king of Odisha. One of the places where these priests settled is Binta.


Traditionally, it is believed that farming is not meant for brahmins but these brahmins took up farming for their livelihood and also taught better techniques of farming to the tribes of Bastar. Now, Binta is known as an excellent paddy producing area in the region. As stated by the report, the valley now witnesses buffer production of paddy which wasn’t the case earlier.



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