All About Brad Pitt’s New Mystery Woman, Who Is A Spiritual Healer And Entrepreneur

5:22 pm 8 Oct, 2018


Forget Jennifer Aniston, enter Sat Hari Khalsa. What I mean is that finally, our handsome Oceans 11 hunk Brad Pitt might be moving on from his ever-lasting ‘single’ status! Yes, Brad Pitt is tired of being Brad Pitt. I mean, the man has had quite a lot — from his very public split from ex-wife Angelina Jolie (2016), the end of Brangelina, to dealing with child abuse claims which ended in a failed FBI investigation! Now, we hope Brad Pitt’s new woman brings him the much-needed respite!

Recently, Brad and Angelina have reached a temporary custody agreement, where he can spend more time with his children.




Sat Hari Khalsa is the second woman Brad, 54, has been linked to after his divorce with Angelina Jolie.



Today, the 54-year-old Fury actor is in the news for his growing closeness with Sat Hari Khalsa, a spiritual healer and a jewelry designer.



Brad, who has been looking hotter than ever, has been seen with Sat Hari on a number of occasions.



Brad Pitt’s new woman has a positive effect on him. They attended the Silverlake Conservatory of Music annual benefit and art auction recently.



The pair looked deep in conversation and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.



What does Sat Hari Khalsa do?

She is a famous jewelry designer, whose company is called AMRIT Jewelry, named after her daughter.



According to Sat Hari’s website, she was born in America, and attended boarding school in India until she was 18.



During her time in India, Sat began to design and make jewelry, and learn alternative health practices while living a very spiritually-based lifestyle.



Does she have a personal Instagram account?

The answer is – NO. Sati isn’t on Instagram officially but her jewelry company’s page gives us an insight into celebrities wearing her precious gems.



Together, one can almost not miss Brad Pitt’s new woman and their vibes. They chat intently, look intently and even share a close bonding.



However, before you start hearing any wedding bells, let me tell you that Bradd Pitt and Sat only share a “professional” bonding. They attended the charity function because of common contacts.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt continues to give us the sweats with his latest photoshoot thanks to GQ magazine.



The news comes as Brad continues negotiations with Angelina over their kids.