18 Characteristics Of Boys Who Never Bring Lunch Box

10:00 am 20 Mar, 2015

When you think of boys walking to school without a healthy lunch packed for them, you will obviously curse the neglecting parents. But chances are that they may belong to a set of rebellious students, like Radhe and his friends (Tere Naam), who never bring lunch boxes to school as their first step in refusal to follow order. Check out the characteristics of the rebellious bullies who enjoy any food other than the one cooked at home and packed for them.

1. When asked about lunch, always tends to blame others rather than himself for not having the lunch box.

2. Often pretends to be a victim who is suffering due to lack of care and love.

3. Shows occasional bursts of defiant behavior in school and home.

4. When he wants your lunch box, he can be a convincing liar, finally making you part with a big chunk of your food.

5. He can turn from loving friend to a fearsome bully, sending terror down your spine, so that you cannot deny him anything.

6. Has a roller coaster ride of performance levels, peaking one semester and crashing down in next.

7. Does not complete given tasks or homework on time.

8. Often comes from abusive family where there is lack of love and understanding.

9. The lack of lunch box has definitely not weakened them physically. Expect to be pushed around by them every now and then.

10. Has a monthly account with chaiwala or canteen, payment of which is often ignored.

11. For them rules exist only to be broken.

12. They have little or no concern for your emotions or sentiments.

13. Often argues with authorities, especially regarding rules and discipline.

14. Can be deliberately annoying to you without a reason.

15. Finds hostility where it is non-existent.

16. Is quite adept at reading social cues and perspective-taking but uses it negatively.

17. They have high self-esteem and confidence levels.

18. Can never see a situation from your point of view.

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