For Boys Only: How To Respond After Getting An Unexpected Kiss By ‘Anticipated’ Girl

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:21 pm

It’s not people who are wrong, but mostly their circumstances. We’ve all read these lines or at least experienced them some time or another. An interesting example here is that of a guy receiving an unexpected kiss by an anticipated girl.

Well, I know that right now your brains are working with the speed of a supercomputer to look for an answer, but hey! Stop fantasying and try being a bit more practical in your head. If nothing is coming in your mind, worry not dear, because we have some great ideas or may we say responses that you can give after an unexpected kiss:

5. Feel Special – As the Kiss Was the Best Thing That Could Happen To You

A kiss elicits a strong emotion, and sometimes expresses our feelings better than any words can. After spending endless hours thinking about her, it’s the most fruitful result – a kiss, and that too when you in the least were expecting it from her. However, because the girl is a bit smarter then you (girls are quite smarter than men – fact), she must have thought over her decision repetitively and followed it up. So, consider the kiss as a sign of her approval and all I can do is wish that it leads to a loving relationship with her.

How To Respond After Getting An Unexpected Kiss By ‘Anticipated’ Girl

4. Feeling awkward – A Thing She Wouldn’t Expect

Strangely, human behavior is crammed with eternal emotions and feeling awkward to a kiss by a girl is sadly one of them.  I don’t believe how one can feel bad or awkward to a kiss by a girl. But in case you do, don’t at least show it upfront, the girl never anticipated such reaction, and may get offended for an eternity.

How To Respond After Getting An Unexpected Kiss By ‘Anticipated’ Girl

3. Act Surprised As If the Kiss Is Something Out Of The Blues

Yes, this is definitely more sensible than feeling awkward with a girl kissing you. O gosh!! Awkward feeling….. Moving on, a surprise reaction is what she will expect in place of awkwardness. Maybe the kiss really was out of the world and you acted surprised. It also works well, when you don’t want to offend her. What if it was her first time or yours and things didn’t go as well as anticipated. But, whatever, at the end of the day both you can go home happier.

How To Respond After Getting An Unexpected Kiss By ‘Anticipated’ Girl

2. Act Smart and Be Persistent With the Situation

Now that you have witnessed different situations where you shouldn’t have, could have, should have and would have responded to an expected kiss by a girl, we suggest you to open up for the unplanned chapter. See what happens with a surprise kiss is that you think it’s a fantasy and by the time you realize it’s happening to you, snap and it’s gone. Sadly, the surprise kiss only lasts for a couple of seconds and then the emotions get over the mind and all you can do is recall it. Therefore, the first thing that you can do is to welcome the things as they are. This means that you look in her eyes and wrap up your arms around her and go in privacy where you can share some more time together.

How To Respond After Getting An Unexpected Kiss By ‘Anticipated’ Girl

1. Act Confident and Move On – Now Is Your Turn

Listing this suggestion here has a purpose for by now you must have already projected the kissing scene in your mind almost a hundred times. Smart! That’s what a good guidance does to you and your mind.  However, now it’s your turn to respond, with the keys to the ending also in your hands. For instance, you can ask the girl out for a date directly and the response will be much predicted an approval.

How To Respond After Getting An Unexpected Kiss By ‘Anticipated’ Girl


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