Man Advertises Girlfriend On eBay With Extraordinary Description! Read What Happened Next

2:14 pm 8 Oct, 2018


Every woman would want her boyfriend to shower praises, adore her and sweep her off her feet right? In Kelly’s case, I’m dumbstruck what I should expect. After all, her boyfriend, Dale Leeks‘s description of her, is far from flattering, or even acceptable. Her boyfriend’s eBay auction has led to a huge backlash on social media! Dale listed his beautiful girlfriend’s condition as ‘for parts or not working’ with a warning about a ‘constant whining noise’!

Can anyone think of dating a man like Dale who puts his GF up for bidding?! At least not a sane woman would do that. His insane act went to get a bid of astonishing £70,000 (around ₹68 lakh)!



Dale Leeks, 34, posted the online advert to prank his partner Kelly Greaves, 37. Which moron would do that? Wait, that’s him:




Dale is a landscape gardening company owner who has been dating Kelly for over a year. Comparing her to an old banger, his remarks have left the world stumped.



Calling her body as ‘fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear’, he also described her rear ends which ‘leaks a bit but nothing that can’t be plugged’.



Soon, this ‘little joke’ got out of hand and Kelly’s ‘listing’ got 81,00 views in 24 hours. Which exactly means 100 bids up to  £70,200!



Dale got inundated with messages from potential buyers all over the world asking if they ‘could take her for a test drive’ or how many ‘previous owners’ she has had.



When Kelly found out about her boyfriend’s eBay auction, he said to her, I was like ‘gotcha’. He added, ‘At first she thought no one would see it and thought it didn’t matter’.



You won’t believe but this boyfriend’s eBay auction even attracted his own friends! The messages and bids went out of hand but luckily, Kelly had a different reaction.



She was in fact pleased to see the bids racking up by the minute! They asked her all sorts of question from her service history, to her previous owners, smoking habits etc.



However, eBay played the spoilt sport in Dale and Kelly’s moment when they removed the ‘item’ only 24 hours into the seven days listing on the grounds that ‘human body parts and remains’ are banned.



Could the bid have gone up to millions? We would never know but luckily for Dale, Kelly found the whole thing to be very funny.