#BoycottMyntra, But Why? They Have Nothing To Do With The Offensive Ad On Draupadi

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Generally tolerant, on some rare occasions, Indians take things to their heart when religion is used out of context. And so it happened that this year, on the occasion of Janmashtami, Gita S Kapoor, BJP’s vice-president of women wing in Mumbai shared a disputable image – showing Draupadi’s cheerharan and Krishanji buying clothes for her using  the’Myntra’ app.

The poster in fact ended up hurting the religious sentiments of many viewers. It was designed by a media company called ‘Scroll Droll’. In reply, they clarified that this poster was released in February and was removed immediately.


People on Twitter are looking for an excuse to create an outrage and this reason was good enough for them to target ‘Myntra’:



Most of the times, people, without understanding the root of any situation start to troll.  I mean why boycott ‘Myntra’? Firstly, they didn’t design the poster. Secondly, if at all someone is responsible, then, it’s ‘Scroll Droll’. Thirdly, this poster was not released yesterday, it was released four months ago and was instantly brought down as well.

But as we said earlier, Indians are a tolerant lot. People have come out in support of Myntra on Twitter and explained what went wrong:




I ask, are we so vella to trend utter rubbish?