#BoycottMakeMyTrip Trends On Twitter After Co-founder’s Shameful Statement About India And Beef Ban

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 5:49 pm

PM Narendra Modi and his government have taken a strong step against beef eating in India. This issue has become one of the sensitive topics in the country. ‘Make My Trip’ co-founder and CEO, Keyur Joshi decided to express his views on this topic and posted two tweets about it.


Here’s what Keyur Joshi tweeted:


Keyur’s tweet brought a storm on Twitter and he had to face the wrath. Soon #BoycottMakeMyTrip started trending on the microblogging site. The situation went so out of control that people started posting screenshots of uninstalling the ‘Make My Trip’ app.

Soon the company had to tweet to control the damages. They clarified that whatever Keyur has said are his own views and the company has no connection with it.

Here’s how Tweeple bashed Keyur and Make My Trip:






People got so angry with Keyur’s tweets that they even posted negative comments while reviewing the app on the play store.


Do you think that it’s the fault of ‘Make My Trip’? Do share your views on Keyur’s tweets in the comments section below!