This 16-Year-Old Boy From UP Wrote His Exams With Feet And Scored 71%

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5:18 pm 22 May, 2016


A 16-year-old Ajay Kumar is an true example of inspiration. Despite having physical disability, he wrote his Class 10 UP board exams with his feet and scored 71 percent.


Coming from a humble family in the Mainpuri District of Uttar Pradesh, nothing could hold back Ajay.

He showed ANI crew how he can write, use a laptop and even do chores using his feet.

Further, he told that he wants to score more marks in his future exams and will not give up on  his dream of becoming an engineer.



Ajay’s father Dayaram Kumar told TOI he was worried about Ajay leading a normal life, but over the years he has proven that his disability cannot stop him from achieving what he wants.