10 Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

7:10 am 24 Mar, 2018


We’ve all had a crush on a guy who hangs out with our friends and who seems to pay us little attention. We wished he liked us, but he seems so interested in just being mates. However, guys are more complex than we sometimes give then credit for. Although, it might appear on the surface of things that he likes us as just a friend, there are subtle clues he gives off that should tell us we are object of his affection.

1. He tells you jokes

Guys love to make girls laugh whom they like. They can generally make anyone laugh, but they’ll put in the extra effort when it comes to someone they genuinely like. Observe how he acts around you. Does he tell you jokes? Does he go out of his way to be funny? If so, these are signs that he’s trying to impress you, which means just one thing- he likes you. Does he try to make other girls laugh, or is it just you? Moreover, does he laugh and smile a lot in your company? Does he laugh at your jokes too? You got the point.

2. He actually looks at you

He’s talking to your friend, but he keeps looking away. He keeps looking at you. If he keeps glancing over at you and makes eye contact, it’s a strong sign that he’s not really interested in what your friends has to say. He is more interested in you. The next time you’re all hanging out together, keep an eye for who he looks at.

3. He wants to hang out one on one

Why does he want to see just you? It means he wants to get the chance to know you better. In other words, it’s one of clear signs he likes you more than a friend.

4. He’s all over your Facebook

He is always busy liking your photos, commenting on your statuses, and posting on your wall. He takes notice of your interests and tags you in stuff he thinks you’d like. He wouldn’t do all this if you were just another friend.

5. He’s a tease

Teasing is a form of flirting. It’s not insulting, it’s just playful banter where people make lighthearted fun of each other. People don’t usually flirt unless they like someone. If he teases you, he likes you. There is nothing else to say. Guys enjoy teasing girls. They like to make fun of them because it’s great way to break the ice and make a connection.

6. He remembers stuff

If he is asking about things that you have shared with him once, that is clear sign he likes you.

7. He is open with you

If he says a killer line like “I have never told this to anyone before”, it means that he secretly likes you as more than a friend. But even if he doesn’t explicitly say that, just being super open with you and talking about his future plans, his family and his worries are strong signs that he really likes you.

8. He asks you how you are

He could see you were having a rough day yesterday and decides to follow up with a text the next morning. If he shows concern like this, it’s one of the huge signs he likes you more than a friend.

9. He never mentions other girls

Normally, guys love to boast about their conquests and how they’ve got string of girls begging for their attention. If he literally never talks about other girls in your company, we think it’s a strong sign that he doesn’t want to put you off him.

10. He compliments you

He hangs out with his female friends a lot, but he never seems to compliment them. You, on the other hand? He compliments you. It takes a lot for a guy to compliment a girl. They’ll have no problem complimenting their favorite basketball stars, but when it comes to complimenting girls, they can be totally lacking. If he shoots you compliments, take it as a sign that he secretly likes you.


If you know some other signs that will prove he likes you more than a friend, please share below.