This ‘Wonder Boy’ From Gujarat Has Not Missed A Single Day Of School In 14 Years

11:30 am 3 Aug, 2017


Remember how difficult it was so stay bound in the tight schedule of school? While we just wanted to get lost in our own world like Darsheel Safari in ‘Taree Zameen Par’, a student in Gujarat is nothing less than a real tara (star) on earth. Just try to recall what is the longest duration you attended the school without an absent mark?

Bhargav Modi, a student at P R Khatiwala Vidya Sankul, has attended the school for 2,906 days without a single red mark on his attendance record. The boy has not taken a day off since Upper KG to class 12. Bhargav is the ideal kid your parents, and school, always expected you to become.

Picture of Bhargav Modi with his awards and certificates for holding the record.NavBharat Times


Bhargav has a record of 14 years without any absent and his unbelievable but praiseworthy feat has been recognized by India World Record, Unique World Record, India Star Book of World Record and India Book of Records.

This disciplined streak runs in the family. Bharghav replaced his elder brother in the record holding position. Vatsal Bhargav had the record of 2,537 days of attendance in continuity.

Representative image.Easington Academy



The Modi brothers have made their parents and school quite proud, and are a source of inspiration for other students, too. Unlike other kids, a Sunday is enough for Bhargav to recharge and enjoy a day off. He informed,

I love going to school. I feel Sunday is sufficient. I never felt that I need more holidays. I feel glad that I have set an example for other students who have also started coming regularly to the school.

A picture of Bhargav Modi.Times of India


The force to exercise this level of discipline comes from within the brothers. Recalling an incident, Bhargav says that once their school bus met with a terrible accident, even then the brothers decided to go to the school. No illness or fever ever discouraged them from attending classes.



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