The Strategy Of This 20-Year-Old Who Faked Rs.1.8 Crore Job At NASA Will Shock You

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5:36 pm 27 Sep, 2016

There have been many instances where people have been fooled by thugs and lost their money. But this incident from Madhya Pradesh has raised the bar of fraudulent practices.

Ansar Khan (20) has been arrested by MP Police for making false claims of getting a job in US space agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


A 12th pass, Ansar managed to get a fake ID card printed with President Obama’s signature.

He claimed that NASA appointed him to the “Space and Food” program and he will be joining his job later this month. He also made false claims about his salary saying that it will be Rs.1.85 crore per annum.

His school and some other local organisations even honoured him without realising the fraud. But Ansar made a mistake – he invited senior government officials of Kamalpur administration for felicitation ceremony which was being conducted in his honour.

A senior police official ordered an investigation regarding the claims made by the youngster after seeing the ID card around Ansar’s neck with President Obama’s signature.




After the investigation, they found out that Ansar has not only fooled people with his false claims but has also taken money from them with a promise of returning them back as soon as he gets the salary.

He had got that fake ID printed from a local photo studio on August 14. Even a local MLA attended one of the felicitation ceremonies organised for his achievements.

BS Gaure, a police officer told NDTV:

“Our SP got suspicious after seeing his (Ansar’s) identity card and we started our investigation. The owner of the photo studio told us that Ansar kept on postponing his date of going to the US and did not even possess a passport. He had even taken money from people for going to abroad.”

Ansar, who does not even has a passport, succeeded in fooling people of his native place. Well, this isn’t the first time someone has claimed a job at NASA. There is a huge record of people who managed to make people believe that they are NASA officials.

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