This Video Of Boy Doing Homework On Scooter While Mother Drives Casually, Will Certainly Give You Goosebumps

1:33 pm 20 Apr, 2018


A video of a Tamil Nadu school boy has gone viral on social media, but not for something he did at school, but off it. In fact, his video has garnered too much attention – but for all the wrong reasons. After all, he was spotted by a rider doing his homework or some unfinished business at the back of a moving scooter. And not only that, it was driven by his saree-clad mother who was zipping past the traffic without a helmet and not giving her two children one as well.



From the video, it is apparent that the kid is doing some very important tasks behind the moving scooter, oblivious to the traffic around him or the fright of people. It’s not hard to notice the casualness of the mother – triple seat driving, no helmet and no safety on her mind. What was this she thinking?




The mother is clearly violating the traffic rules by not wearing any safety equipment and not providing the same to her children as well – this is an indigestible fact hard to swallow. Nothing is important than safety and a mother’s job is to protect her kids, right? Driving a scotty helmet less and allowing her son to focus on his notepad instead, has caused severe uproar amongst people.



The special thing in this video is that the child sitting behind the mother is a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV). Apart from certain transport facility of certain departments/agencies of the central government (CISF/CRPF), this school doesn’t provide any transport facility. But this doesn’t justify this boy’s callous attitude?



Seeing this video being viral on social media, Home Minister Kiran Rijiju also posted it on his Instagram. He gave the caption, ‘I salute mother and child but keep track of traffic for safety.’



After watching the video, it’s noticed that there’s another child on the front of the scooter isn’t wearing a helmet and looked younger than her brother. It seems the trio were heading home, after being picked up by their mother.



You’ll get goosebumps after watching this incident, but what makes it even more scary is the smirk which the mother gives in the end after being filmed:



Watch the viral video here:



Many people have got mixed reactions after watching this video on social media. While some say it’s a dangerous act, others praise the boy’s “dedication” level. Check out some of the reactions here:













With this video, it’s clear that safety should never be compromised and careless attitude on the streets can’t be tolerated. What is your opinion on this matter? Tell us in the comments.




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