This 20-Year-Old Boy Is Breaking All The Records With His Exceptionally Flexible Body

12:17 pm 31 Jul, 2018


India is a country with exceptional talent all around us. With record-breaking skills, Indians have proved their caliber time and again. Setting a world record in any discipline is not just an achievement, it is a dream come true experience that becomes the milestones in life. Our talented youth have set a benchmark for generations to come and made the nation proud with their accomplishments. One such talented youngster is 20-year-old Yash Shah who is indeed setting new records with his extraordinarily flexible body.

Born in Surat, Gujarat, this young lad started practicing yoga from a very early age. Later, he started watching online videos of American contortionist Daniel Browning Smith. Within a few years of practicing yoga, Yash became quite flexible with his body techniques. Yash has broken a few records already with his flexible body and now he is eyeing on making new records with his talent.



His grandfather Ramlal Kanyalal has been a true coach to him who encouraged him to become a contortionist and helped him in the rigorous practice. The boy with the most flexible body can bend his arms and legs in bizarre shapes making it look like he has no bones.

With intense practice, Yash can easily rotate his head 180° backwards. Moreover, he can locate himself from both his shoulders and even rotate his torso 180° backwards. Rotating his hands more than 360°, the boy has impressed everyone with his rubber-like body.



Evidently, Yash Shah has been named as the ‘Rubber Boy’ of his town. With such skills of bending his body in the weirdest ways, Yash can also squeeze his body through a tennis racket. Currently, the boy aims to get a place in the Guinness Book of World Records and Limca Book of Records in order to win the title of the most flexible human being in India.



Brilliant flexible body skills!




He plans on breaking the records of Jaspreet Singh who became a record holder and won the title of ‘Most Flexible Indian’. Yash Shah has participated in the Indian television reality show India’s Got Talent as well to showcase his exceptional skills.



Watch this video to see his talent:



We wish him all the best in achieving his goals in life and making India proud!