Botox Accident Causes Woman’s Lips To Swell Up To Three Times The Original Size

5:16 pm 11 Dec, 2018


Have you ever heard of a Botox party? Well, it is a party where people gather around to chill, have fun and most importantly try out different Botox treatments. Sounds completely absurd and weird right? But it is a reality nonetheless. Botox is one of the most widely popular beautification procedures. Cosmetically it removes the appearance of wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. Administration and use of this neurotoxin are however full of side effects. The ill-effects of a Botox accident are nothing short of catastrophic.

Something similar happened to a woman from Leicestershire, who suffered a Botox accident. Rachael Knappier, a 29-year-old learned about the ill-effects of Botox lip filler the hard way, to say the least.




While at a Botox party, Rachael thought of trying out lip injections. They were being administered by the beautician present at the party. Now, instead of injecting the filler into the lip tissue as it should be, the beautician filled it into an artery.

As per reports, Rachael yelled in pain soon after getting the injection. But the beautician told her it was normal.



Rachael, however, soon found out that what was happening to her was far from normal. Within a few hours, her lips began swelling up. In fact, her upper lip got swollen up to three times its original size.

Here is what Racheal told a media daily about the Botox accident:


“She (beautician) told me I was having an allergic reaction, but when I got to the hospital, they told me straight away I was not, and that the filler had been administered incorrectly. Left untreated, it would have led to necrosis, which is the death of the soft tissue of your lip—something that’s irreversible.”



Apparently, it took multiple emergency surgeries to pacify the ill-effects of the botox accident. Not just this, Rachael went through three months of a hellish experience before her lips went back to normal.

After the horrible experience, Knappier is now trying to warn others:


“I am trying to raise awareness of the dangers of using non-medically qualified people to administer Botox and fillers. It is such an unregulated industry in the UK, and I didn’t even know that non-medics could do this. People need to do thorough research on the people they allow to carry out these procedures.



Such Botox accidents are definitely traumatizing and horrific, as it was for Rachael. S,o would you ever think of trying out such treatments?

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