11 Hard-hitting Things You Wish To Tell Your Boss But Are Too Scared To Say

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Updated on 7 Jul, 2018 at 4:49 pm


You may forget your ex, but it is impossible to delete your bosses from your deepest memory because their haunting spirits never get tired of crawling into your thoughts. Yes, not all bosses are bad but some are and at times we can’t help but wonder what kind of person they really are. They care too much about the company and very less, or not at all, about their employees. Some are armed with mindless logics that suck or drain peace from our lives. Through this article, we share the feelings of those employees who are working under a strict or bad boss. And we wish this article reaches a bad boss.

There are many things that you wish to tell your boss but you are always scared to say because if you do, you will get fired or kicked out. But take a look at these 11 hard-hitting things that you wish to tell your boss.

1. Everyone knows you are the boss because you were born before me. That’s not an achievement.


Things that you wish to tell your boss


2. You worked your ass off and in return, he gave you more work. That’s called give and take. Really?


things you want to tell your boss


3. Your boss was so concerned that he became your Sunday morning alarm. That’s called sharing the pain.


things you wish to tell your boss


4. Humans make mistakes. But a boss is the Satan of your life after college. He is always right…at least that’s what he feels!


things you wish to tell your boss


5. Everyone respects their boss with all their hatred.


things you scared to tell your boss


6. The only way t0 drain out the hatred is to share it.


things you scared to say your boss



7. That’s a romantic revenge. You can use it too!




8. The number of times he tortured you is equal to the number of times you fooled him.




9. Appraisal ka, torture ka, overtime ka. sabka badla lega re, tera Faizal…




10. Boss, I know about all your relationships. What happens in the office all comes out in lunch gossip.




11. There are equal rights for everyone. It’s a fundamental law.


scared of boss


You can mail this article, after your resignation, to your boss to make peace with yourself!


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