Booze Ban Has Led To A Rise In Crimes In Bihar, Claims BJP

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12:07 pm 27 Jul, 2016

Opposition BJP has lashed out at Bihar government’s claim that crime rate has fallen in the state since total prohibition was implemented in April.

Former deputy CM and BJP functionary Sushil Kumar Modi  aadarshansamachar

Former deputy CM and BJP functionary Sushil Kumar Modi aadarshansamachar

The party cited figures of May that indicates a 13.5 per cent rise in heinous crimes.

“Ever since alcohol ban was implemented, Nitish & Company has been claiming that the law and order situation has improved. While the figures of April did show a fall in crime rate, those of May counter the claim,” former deputy CM and BJP functionary Sushil Kumar Modi said after his weekly ‘janata darbar.’



Modi presented data collected from the state government’s official website and said cognisable offences rose up to 16,208 in May from 14,279 in April this year.

“Rape cases went up 29 per cent from 61 in April to 79 in May. Altogether 209 murder cases were registered in May as against 192 in April, an increase of 9 per cent,” Modi said.

As per the data, 100 robbery cases were registered in April which went upto 154 in May, which is an increase of 54 per cent.


Similarly, 638 cases of kidnapping were reported in May which was 599 in April.

He said 73 incidents of road robbery were reported in April but it went up to 127 cases in May.

The government has not uploaded the crime figures for June so far.

According to Modi, there is no direct correlation between prohibition and crime. He said had the government waited for at least 7-8 months before reaching any conclusion, the incidents of crime would not have increased.



Modi charged the state government with formulating a draconian excise law and said, “The same government which facilitated liquor consumption for 10 years has now made a ‘Talibani Act’ to enforce prohibition overnight instead of creating awareness about it.”


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