15 Bootleg DVD Covers That Are Immensely Creative And Really Funny

4:57 pm 28 Apr, 2015


1. Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Star Wars? No? You must have watched the wrong one.


2. Matrix Reloaded with a completely new and nude character. You’re going to re-watch it because of her, aren’t you?

Matrix Reloaded

3. If that’s not a review that’ll make you see this movie, then I don’t know what is. Come on! “Awesome stupidity” sounds good.

Hillary Duff

4. Again, you have to give it to the Chinese. They’re all for cinematic honesty.


5. Lord of The Harry Potter is on my bucket list so you know i’ll be watching this one.


Harry Potter

6. Game of Thrones of the Two Towers. It was the best season of the movie, I swear.

Pepe Likes Tacos

7. This one is so original that you’ll only get it in China. Tom Cruise as Pepe. He doesn’t chase girls, he chases tacos.

Pepe Likes Tacos

8. There was something about Mary but wait to find out all about Mar.

Collector's edition

9. Things are not only lost in translation, things are added on in translation.

Lost in translation

10. Look, we all know it. It just wasn’t as good as the first one.

The Loin King

11. After all those discussions, you thought you knew what the Matrix was about. Ha!

Matrix Reloaded

12. Al Pacino was the little girl in The Exorcist? Wow! He has acting range!


13. Gay Pierce was very impressive in this role. What a talented Guy.


14. Some people just can’t get into the Star Wars series. Don’t judge them.

Ho Solo

15. Which Indiana Jones movie is this?


Indiana Jones

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