7 Reasons Why Paperbacks And Hardcovers Win Over E-Books

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Updated on 25 Oct, 2015 at 12:11 am


Traditional versus Digital – the eternal debate. When the topic in question is books, it is always Team Ink versus Team E. While e-books may have their advantages (travel, eco-friendly, cheap or even free) as well as disadvantages, here are all the reasons why we will never give up on real books even if we take to their e version.

1. Shopping does not make you think about clothes

Because for you, shopping means book shopping. That excitement when you find a coveted title on the huge book racks is essentially lost when you simply download an e-book.



Shopping? Book Shopping! bookabulous

2. Hot from the press


Only true book lovers understand the pleasure of having to smell the brand new pages of a brand new book. Tell me, how do you plan to do that with an e-book?



Tell me you can smell the parchment on the screen! tumblr

3. Exploring your creative side

Reading a lot of paperbacks involves the usage of bookmarks. Sometimes, the need for your own personalized bookmark compels you to create one entirely on your own, thereby bringing you in touch with your creative side.



Hmm.. So what do we create tonight? pinterest

4. No staring at a screen for hours

It’s like this: Reading on paper is less stressful to the eyes than reading from a screen. And, the plus point is, reading from paper won’t cause any batteries to drain out and thus, leave you hanging at a critical plot point!



Omg! I can even read in the sun! blio

5. Online shopping, real shopping

It’s almost mandatory to buy books while online shopping from websites like Amazon and Flipkart. The books are a lot cheaper, almost easily available and delivered to your doorstep at the click of a button! And the best part is the arrival of the package- all nicely wrapped, like a gift to yourself.



Books, books and only books! groupon

6. Book fairs and exhibitions

They exist for a reason. Browsing and trowelling through stacks and stacks of books at these book fairs and buying cartloads of them at a throwaway price – nothing can beat that! Where are you going to find an e-book fair with second-hand e-books at throwaway prices?



We love them. thehindu

7. The emotional connect

We have grown up reading books made out of paper. It is a part of who we are. Right from when our parents or our friends introduce us to books, to when we talk about them, when we flaunt them, when we want to be seen reading them, books are much more than just avenues of personal entertainment.



Unless you read crap college love fiction.


Even the most recent statistics say that paperbacks still outsell e-books by a very large margin. Books are a man’s friend. The fact that they are tangible in nature is why that saying exists! E-books make the physicality, and hence our attachment to books, go away. Here lies the answer. This is why the traditional ink and paper, the “book” will never, ever go out of style.

Do you disagree? Then go ahead and share it with us in the comments section below! Happy reading!



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