You Might Soon Be Able To Book Unreserved Railway Tickets Via Mobile Wallets Or QR Codes

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6:12 pm 26 Oct, 2016

According to reports, the Indian Railways has decided to soon give its passengers the option of booking unreserved tickets through mobile wallets.


The Railways with this would be following the government’s push towards a cashless economy and thereby help in shortening the long queues that one usually sees outside railway ticket counters.

This is being considered as a huge game changer in the Indian Railways as with this the national carrier plans to put up quick response (QR) codes at every railway stations, sing which the passengers can quickly buy unreserved seats on the train.

“We are in talks with leading mobile wallet providers. The idea is to reduce the chaos and queues at the tickets counters. Unreserved passengers should be able to scan the code, add the destination and book tickets easily on their smartphones.” – A senior railway ministry official

All that a passenger has to do is scan the code through a mobile device and he would be able to buy a ticket by just entering the destination and paying through a mobile wallet.

The passenger will also immediately get the train ticket delivered on the mobile device.

A QR code is a machine-readable code which consists of an array of black and white squares forming a matrix.


Representational Image of a QR Code.Google +

Representational Image of a QR Code.Google +

This matrix contains data which can be read by smartphones and then direct the phone to allocated site or app.

To make this process into a reality the railways is in talks with mobile wallet providers such as PayTm, and Jio Money.

A said mobile wallet is a pre-loaded with virtual money, which many already use to pay for shopping done online and offline .

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