Boo! 6 Reasons We Love Hating Rakhi Sawant

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10:00 am 21 Mar, 2014


She is in news for her antics every now and then. Though she gained popularity with her hit series of item numbers, something went terribly wrong in the midway. Here’s a peek into the life of Rakhi Sawant and how we can’t avoid being apathetic to her continuous claim for attention:

6. The changing faces

Rakhi became popular from her item number ‘Mohabbat hai Mirchi’ in the film ‘Chura Liya Hain Tumne’. If you see the Rakhi of that song and the Rakhi we see today, you won’t miss the drastic change in her appearance. Though she has not shied from claiming to have gone under the knife, but we wonder if it did any better to her? Whatever she did or does, we see a new Rakhi every time.

The changing faces

5. Reality in Reality Show


After the Mika scandal, we could see Rakhi everywhere. From Big Boss to a swamyamvar , from dance contestant to a host , she was doing everything under the sun. She is one of those few who doesn’t get bogged down with any negative publicity. She continues to involve herself in some work or the other.

Reality in Reality Show

4. Loud, louder, loudest

She is popular for voicing her opinion, and even more popular for the manner in which she does so. Her loud persona has given her limelight and there is no denying the fact that it is the reason why she is invited to talk shows or as a contestant in other shows.

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Loud, louder, loudest

3. Dressed to Kill?

Her revealing dresses personify her bindaas attitude. Clothes that even the boldest of actors would be uncomfortable to wear; Rakhi Sawant wears it with oodles of confidence. Though she might not be the best dressed woman, her dressing sense is something to look out for.

Dressed to Kill?

2. Career in no jeopardy

Her diverse career path makes one wonder what she is most passionate about. Nevertheless, we have already seen her do item numbers, play supporting roles and launch her debut singing album (Supergirl). What is most astonishing is her interest in politics which is currently doing media rounds.

Career in no jeopardy

1. Attention

She demands attention and gets it too. You see her in news for some reason or the other. Be it for her controversies or her blunt nature, her tussle with English or her dramatic persona. She is seen everywhere, on facebook shares or twitter jokes, news channels or TV shows. She is someone who is seen and will be seen unendingly.



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