8 Famous Bollywood Actresses Who Come From Military Background

11:00 am 14 Jun, 2018


Lately, Bollywood has been producing films based on the Indian Army or defence services which have also done fairly well at the box office. Bollywood’s army connection can be seen in films like ‘Aiyaary‘, ‘The Ghazi Attack’, ‘Raang Desh’ and many others.

Bollywood’s army connection is also very strong and you’ll be surprised to know that many of your favorite celebs hail from army backgrounds! Here’s a list of Bollywood’s army kids with defence connections:


1. Anushka Sharma’s father is a former Colonel

Bollywood's army connection



Bollywood’s army connection starts with Anushka Sharma‘s father, Ajay Kumar Sharma who served as a Major in the Indian Army. Because of him, Anushka changed schools all the time, but finally studied at Army School, Bengaluru. Anushka’s strength and fitness comes from her army background and even Virat Kohli can’t beat her in cardio:



2. Preity Zinta’s father was a Major



This dimpled beauty has not one, but two army roots. One was her late father Durganand Zinta, an officer in the Indian Army, and second, is her elder brother Deepankar, a commissioned officer in the army. Preity’s fearlessness comes from her army influence, which she demonstrated when she openly mocked Mumbai Indians for not entering IPL finals.



3. Priyanka Chopra’s parents were army doctors



Actor Priyanka Chopra‘s parents were both doctors associated with Indian Army! Pee Cee’s late father Dr Ashok Chopra and mother, Dr Madhu Akhauri, were both physicians. Due to her exposure, Priyanka has easily adapted to new places (Like Los Angeles) and is even dating American rapper Nick Jonas.



4. Lara Dutta’s father is a retired Wing Commander



Bollywood’s army connection leads us to former Miss Universe Lara Dutta whose father L.K. Dutta, is a retired Wing Commander. Lara’s elder sister also serves in the Indian defence forces. She credits winning the coveted title, thanks to the Air Force clubs she attended. Check out her confidence in the winning round:



5. Sushmita Sen’s father is a retired Wing Commander



Bollywood’s army connection also includes Sushmita Sen. Her father, Subir Sen, is a former Indian Air Force Wing Commander. Although Sen studied in many air force schools across India, her two daughters are in Mumbai. Her confidence won her Miss Universe title in 1994:



6. Neha Dhupia’s father is an Ex-Commander



The newly married Neha Dhupia also has an army background, thanks to her father, Commander Pradip Singh Dhupia. He served in the Indian Navy and Neha credits winning Miss India title in 2002, thanks to her navy background. She still attends Navy Balls or the Navy Queen contests.



7. Gul Panag’s father is a retired Lieutenant General



The fitness freak Gul Panag‘s actual strength lies in her army blood. The dimpled beauties’ father, HS Panag, is a retired Lieutenant General of the Indian Army. A self-proclaimed fitness advocate and health activist, Gul Panag even married an airline pilot in 2011.



8. Nimrat Kaur’s father was a Major


Bollywood's army connection


Nimrat’s father, Major Bhupinder Singh, was killed by Kashmiri separatists at a young age of 44. Singh was an engineer posted on the border army roads in Verinag, Kashmir. The actress is self made, non diplomatic and adventurous as it’s in her blood. The 36-year-old actress played a soldier with her web series debut in 2017 with ALTBalaji’s The Test Case.





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