15 Bollywood Scenes With Ganja Will Show You The ‘Flower Power’ Behind The ‘Star Power’

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6:19 pm 3 Jun, 2016


Bollywood stars try to pretend they’re not into drugs. Ha! Despite their attempts to appear squeaky clean, we’ve always suspected they use some mind-alerting substances, otherwise how could so many of them sound so stupid so often? Huh? While you think about that, here are some photos of Bollywood stars with ganja. We don’t claim that what you see in the photos is true, but we don’t say it’s false either.


1. You wanted to know how Ranveer got Deepika? Now you know.

Ranveer Deepika Ganja



2. Looks like the cop took Salman’s t-shirt too seriously.

Salman Khan Ganja


3. This is Ajay Devgn’s idea of ‘Going Green’.

Ajay Devgn Ganja


4. She said, “It’s me or the weed.” Akshay Kumar made up his mind pretty quick.

Akshay Kumar Ganja


5. Always the common man, Nana Patekar deals it out too.

Nana Patekar Ganja


6. It was all part of the Hippie Culture.

Amitabh Hema Malini Ganja


7. Who knew ganja could be an accessory? Dharmendra.

Dharmendra Rakhi Ganja


8. “Only the best leaves for thee, dancing girl.”

Dilip Kumar Madhubala Ganja


9. Sometimes your dealer wants to meet in public places. Hrithik knows how embarrassing that is.

Hrithik Sonam Kapoor Ganja


10. Fun times ahead!

Rajesh Khanna Mumtaz Ganja


11. Ranbir Kapoor isn’t the sort to share his drugs.

Ranvir Kapoor Ganja


12. Saif Ali Khan doesn’t mind giving some away.

Saif Ali Khan Ganja


13. This is why Helen wanted Aishwarya for a daughter-in-law.

Helen Aishwarya Ganja


14. This would have been a better scene than the stupid water-squirting one.

Shah Rukh Khan Kajol Ganja


15. Shammi Kapoor once went looking for ‘Kashmir ki kali’. Sharmila Tagore sold him some.

Shammi Sharmila Tagore Ganja



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