Bollywood Baddie Bob Christo Fell For This Famous Actress And Came To India Just To Meet Her

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12:35 pm 6 Jun, 2018


Do you remember the foreigner actor in the film ‘Mr. India’ who uttered “Sorry Bajrangbali” upon being beaten? The character was played by Bob Christo, who was always seen playing negative roles. In some films, he could be seen smuggling gold, while in others, he misbehaved with the actress.


But in real life, Bob Christo was completely the opposite of what he played on screen. Robert John Christo, popularly known as Bob Christo was born in Sydney in 1938. His father took him to Germany in 1943, though world war was going on in Germany at that time.




Along with studies, Bob started doing theater in Germany where he also met his first wife Helga. He later got married to Helga and they had three children, 1 son and 2 daughters. However, Helga later died in a car accident.



But how did Bob reach Bollywood? There is quite an interesting story behind how Bob came to the Indian film industry and became a part of it for the rest of his life. Actually, Bob had seen yesteryear Bollywood beauty Parveen Babi’s picture on cover page of a magazine. Bob fell head over heels for Parveen Babi at the very first sight of her and left for India with a desire to meet her.



When he reached Mumbai, he met a film’s unit at Churchgate. The cameraman of the unit was going to meet Parveen the very next day, on the set of film ‘The Burning Train’. He took the address of the actress from the cameraman and reached her house the very next morning. There he met Parveen Babi who looked completely different from her picture on the magazine cover. When Bob asked her the reason, she laughed and said she does makeup only for shootings. After this, Parveen and Bob became very good friends.

Thereafter, Bob Christo made his Bollywood debut in 1980 in Sanjay Khan’s film ‘Abdullah’ in which he had played a negative role. He went on to play the bad boy in about 200 films after this. His most noteworthy films were ‘Kalia’, ‘Namak Halal’, ‘Mr. India’, ‘Mard’, ‘Commando’, ‘Hum Tumpe Marte Hain’, and ‘Roop Ki Rani Choro Ka Raja’.




In real life, he was very honest and soft-hearted. While in India, Bob married for the second time. His second wife’s name was Nargis and the two had a son named Sunil. At the age of 72, he died of heart attack on March 20, 2011.

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