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Bollywood Producers Up In Arms About Hollywood Movies Stealing Their Business

Updated on 5 July, 2016 at 1:06 pm By

Bollywood is threatened by Hollywood, and with good reason! Bollywood producers are crying bloody murder saying Hollywood movies are stealing their business. Well, to be fair, they’re also blaming the Khans, the Kapoors, and the IPL, for losing money and business, but mostly, they’re gunning for Hollywood.

The release dates of many Bollywood movies are being decided according to the Hollywood movies that are then playing in theatres — the bigger the Hollywood movie playing in theatres, the wider the berth given it by Bollywood releases.




It’s a sad state of affairs, this. It’s like when the home team gets their asses handed to them by the guest team. But Bollywood should’ve seen this coming, a long time ago!

Bollywood movies are getting dumber and crasser every year, while the audiences have finally wised up. What that results in, is that more people are choosing to spend their time and money on Hollywood movies, and less on the shit Bollywood keeps churning out.

That should explain why Bollywood producers are crying like bitch babies. They’re even going so far as to ask for a limit to be set on the number of Hollywood releases in India in a year. As a precedent, they’re citing the example of China, where only 35 Hollywood releases are allowed per year. Yes, let’s follow in the footsteps of the totalitarians! Because things aren’t bad enough as it is!


Oi! Mukesh Bhatt! And all you other producers! I have just the one piece of advice for you — gird you loins, because…

the yanks




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